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Congratulations to our 2020 Award Nominees!! 

Check back after the festival to see the winners! 

Best Film Nominees

Kindness of Strangers

Sleep Now

Numerus Duó

Best Director Nominees

Rob Ceus - Zombies From Sector 9

Nick Fiorella - Numerus Duó

Pål Gustavsen - Sleep Now

Best Actress Nominees

Colleen Elizabeth Miller - Drifted

Ava Kostia - Kindness of Strangers

Loretta Harper - That Old Misery

Best Actor Nominees

Tom Lodewyck - Forced Entry

Adam J. Slager - The Mountain Kings

North Roberts - Drifted

Best Screenplay Nominees

Nick Fiorella - Numerus Duó

Rock Brenner - Some Kind of Humanity

Rob Ceus - Zombies From Sector 9

Best Cinematography Nominees

John Wesley Norton - Drifted

Dustin Lee - Numerus Duó

Amerigo Vitelli - The Mountain Kings

Best Editing Nominees

Nick Fiorella & Dustin Lee - Numerus Duó

Hollywood Dead

Jesse James Hennessy - Night of the Witch

Best Score Nominees

Ryan Wood - Pastiche

Hollywood Dead

Amer Shihab - Zombies From Sector 9

Best SFX Nominees

Wilhelm Müller & Stefan Schanda - Neighbor No. 9

Rob Ceus & Inge Vanleene - Zombies From Sector 9

Patrick Fortin & Camille Monette - Catcall